If you are not familiar with Transpluto, you should be. says the astrologer-gambler Joyce Wehrman. Joyce Wehrman, a gambler and astrologer, discovered a good link to the hypothetical planet Transpluto. when gambling. John Hawkins’ book Transpluto Or Should We Call Him BACCHUS the Ruler of Taurus  (currently runs about 10.00 dollars which is 50% cheaper than when I first published this post) has been a good tip and Ms. Wehrman  was urged to use Transpluto,

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton hosted the first convention in Worcester, Massachusetts (about 50 miles west of Boston) on October 23, 1850. More prominent in history, though, is the Seneca Falls convention (also about 50 miles west, though of Syracuse). The Seneca Fall no show The Seneca Falls convention held on July 18-19th 1848 in the middle of summer. It’s only announcement was on July 14 (Bastille Day) 1848 in the Seneca County

We are working on a transit writeup for Bannon’s leaving the White House. In the meantime read this article from the New York Post. Back in the saddle…again. Above is the grand square or grand cross for Bannon’s transiting (outer) chart overlayed against his natal chart, that we rectified here. Grand Squares are frictional aspects. Circumstances are chaffing the native — he longs to burst out of the restraints and get moving, typically onto something

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