Marc Jones did not use TransNeptunians; he knew of them, reviewed them and felt they had nothing to offer, so he never included them in his oeuvre. He added in some Arabian Parts, but none of them were valid for making aspects: they stood alone. Some of that is problematic with Miss Rehman’s chart but workable to create her Grand Trine for her Locomotive Temperament Type open onto the western side.. Using our rectified chart

While its’ 25 degrees here in the Northeast and we are waiting for an Alberta Clipper to come through.  Pierre South Dakota is surprisingly warmer than us in the northeastern Penn, at 37 degrees and warming up this week up to 55.  Our photo of the capitol is not contemporaneous. The Week ahead Sunday December 10, 2017 Monday December 11, 2017 Tuesday December 12, 2017 Wednesday December 13, 2017 Thursday December 14, 2017 Friday December

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