Hi Folks, I’ve been ill with vertigo from an inner ear infection, so I’ve been reading alot and posting little. I will try to get those tasks more intune in the days that follow. Thanks. Alfred Louis Kroeber was an American cultural anthropologist who studied under famed Franz Boas at Columbia University. He received the University’s first doctorate in anthropology in 1901 on the importance of the bear in the Arapaho culture, and tying it

Dr. Kubler Ross was the second of the triplets. We have rectified her chart from the more popular 10:46 to 11:03 AM. She came to the United States because of marriage to an American, but was stymied, Mars to the Moon-Saturn conjunction from the Second house, because she was pregnant with her son Kenneth. She then changed her specialty from pediatrics to psychology where she developed her Five Stages of Grieving (interesting her ascendant is

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