Welcome Scorpio The Sun entered Scorpio this afternoon at 12:20 pm. I chose the Capitol Building since that’s where legislature happens and it seems the Speak impasse is still on the front burner. The ascendant is 29 Sagittarius 33 and as shown on the chart below, we have a yod up in the tenth house, just missing the Sun by two degrees. Inconjuncts are aspects that highlight planets that do not, or will not talk

Elena Rybakina (No. 25 ranking) will face Victoria Azarenka (No. 24) in the semifinals of the Australian Open on Thursday, January 26. Rybakina is favored (-200) in this match compared to the underdog Azarenka (+170). ESPN also ranks Azarenka at #24. Both are six feet tall but Rybakiina is ten years older. Victoria Azarenka with her preponderance in Capricorn is an interesting study in herself. While her ascendance is 03 Sagittarius 24 giving her the

Richard Rorty, was an American pragmatist in favour of “bourgeois liberalism.” It is a phrase that shows up everywhere from the Chinese Communists using this phrase derogoratily to expunge too successful shopkeepers to Newark Mayor Ras Barkara claiming getting rid of the police is a bougeous liberal ideal. Rorty was the son of nonacademic leftist intellectuals who broke with the American Communist Party in the early 1930s, sometime after Rorty was born in 1931 (noticed

Any house system can use decanates, but they are the hallmark of the Hellenistic whole house system. Decans, which is how one refers to an individual member, refers to the subdivision of a house into ten degree “triplets”, while decanates refers to the entire group. Decans always are in the same order for each sign no matter what sign starts the chart. To make this easy to visualize, I am using Senator Kyrsten Sinema of

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Kelly Jost, both native New Yorkers; he born in tony Grymes Hill, Staten Island and she in Manhattan  have welcomed their first child together.  Wed in October 2020, ten months ago,  they dated for three years previously.  The proud father announced the newborn’s name Wednesday on Instagram, writing, “Ok we had a baby. His name is Cosmo. We love him very much.” Johansson also shares 6-year-old daughter Rose with ex-husband French journalist

James Henry Neel Reed a master fiddler, banjoist, and harmonica player, he is the brother on the right of the header picture, had an amazing repertoire consisting of hundreds of tunes, as well as multiple performance styles all memorized by heart. He was professionally known as Henry Reed, and was born on April 28, 1884, in the Appalachian Mountains of Monroe County, West Virginia. As I do not have an exact location, I picked Zenith

Megyn Kelly,  previously the Kelly File, on the cable network FoxNews, had a major run in with Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  When asked if this was “political” attack, she said No,  but I did not agree, so I did her chart. I am not sure why I bothered, for while she claims her political slant is “independent“, like most talking heads, it would be better to phrase it as “opportunistic.” Ms. Kelly has been married

A folk legend Trini Lopez, died of the Wuhan (Covid 19) virus in Rancho Mirage, Calif in August 16, 2020. He was 83 and working at the time for benefit on a music festival to raised food for those afflicted. Born to Mexican parents in Dallas, Texas on May 13, 1937. Trinidad Lopez III was born on May 13, 1937, in Dallas. His father, Trinidad II, was a singer, dancer and musician in the ranchera

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