Marc Jones has Karl Marx with a 1:30 am birth time. This gives the German political philosopher 10 Aquarius as his ascendant — [HS] “artisan in mosaic glass” the call for careful and sophisticated consideration of subtle distinctions before the execution of one’s great work.” It gets the keyword of “Planning” according to McClung as the key is keeping the end in mind.

John Emerich Edward Dalberg is Lord Acton. John Dalberg, was trained at St. Mary’s College in New Oscott, a Roman Catholic seminary in the Birmingham Archdiocese because Cambridge would not admit Catholics. Dalberg then went to Munich and continued his studies under Johann Joseph von Dollinger, who educated him in the new German methods of historical research. After graduating from there, he travelled to the United States finally returning to England and settling at the

‘If you ask Google “when is Jamal Khashoggi’s birthday”, it will return October 13 1958.  Based on that, we created this chart using a sunrise birthtime and whole houses since we are working the dark.  Nothing odd about that but the chart is rather perplexing for him.  Obviously whatever we know about the journalist is either wrong or the date is; perhaps both.

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