Dune the mystical science fiction story from the pen of Frank Herbert . His son Brian and co-writer Kevin Anderson have since taken up the banner. Dune is the magical world of Arrakis,where the Atreides & Harkonnen families battle for supremacy guided by Bene Geserit witches, and the Fremen fight for their freedom is coming to theaters in November. This post was inspired by seeing the Villeneuve movie and reading the prequels; Dune is quite

Former Green Bay quarterback has a lot of eye-catching aspects in his chart — the stellium in the third house of communication is just incredible, but to be honest it is that his chart reads more like a weather almanac than a natal that is just jaw-dropping. Favre was born October 10, 1969 at about 1:22 am in the morning. I did Aaron Rodgers a while back, so figured I owed Favre a nod too.

Exactly where was Putin born? In Saint Petersburg per TASS or in Sochi? As a Colonel who is a son of a KGB Colonel, I do not believe TASS, so that’s the first problem. Now that I’ve said that, where was he born? And then of course, when?

Ursula LeGuin wrote many popular sci-fiction works like her City of Illusions and the ever popular Left Hand of Darkness. With her very angular chart there was no doubt that Ms. LeGuin would be very active in her career and live a long time — she managed to do both before reposing on January 22, 2018, at eighty-eight years old. Born Ursula Kroeber in Berkeley California both are parents were anthropologists. Her father Alfred Louis

Farmers are socialists by nature. It takes a community of like minded people to make a successful farm, as historically they tend to share tools, tips and hard times and Henry Agard Wallace came from a long line of farming stock. His father, Henry Cantwell Wallace, successfully create a hybrid species of corn that is still harvested today. Henry A, as he was called, started out as a journalist for the family newspaper, Wallaces’ Farmer

“We have an entire sky within us, our fiery strength and heavenly origin: Luna, which symbolizes the continuous motion of soul and body, Mars speed and Saturn slowness, the Sun God, Jupiter law, Mercury reason, and Venus humanity.”    – Marsilio Ficino, letter to Lorenzo the Magnificent on the sacred seven planets.

Monty Clift and James Dean were the young turks of the 1950s Hollywood Scene. but only Monty made it out of the decade, though only just. James was the more petulant and angry of the two; Monty was the sensitive “artistic” type that women wanted to mother. Only when Monty got out of the 1950s was he able to play something against type, in Trial in Nuremberg, Clift has several bios to his credit. One

Table of contents Riding the seas of inspiration Reversing Anglin Download the chart Kate Winslet was born Kate Elizabeth Winslet to an acting family on October 5, 1975 at 7:15 am giving her the ascendant of 12 Libra, Miners emerging from a mine. This rising symbol shows her curiosity and indomitable self-confidence that is the real strength of her personality. Opposite her Jupiter in Aries making it rather difficult for her to keep weight off

What is the 15 point method? Marc Edmund Jones put together for the student of the Sabian Assembly, The Fifteen Most Important Points in a Horoscope. He felt it was a dependable method that could help anyone go through a chart and create a general portrait of the person. He later expanded this to 16 points. He was insistent that his method required an exact birth hour. If the astrologer rectifies the chart, then this new

Maybelline wasn’t true for Chuck Berry, but then again neither was Chuck.  He died on March 18, 2017.  His obit on Billboard  gives a fair account of his life, read it here.  While the New York Post fills in the details.  We are highlighting Chuck’s 1958 publicity shot taken from Rolling Stone’s 500 Best RnR songs of all time — Johnny B. Goode rated number seven. Themetta and Chuck Barry, 2011.  When he died they

The Cold War (Hot wars involved military action; Cold Wars involve espionage) against Russia has had many causalities including President Kennedy. The greatest question was whether Oswald acted alone. CIA operative Jim Garrison did a magnificent job of so obscuring what happened along that along with the infamous Fourth Estate and the Warren Commission for extra measure, it seems it will still be a while before we learn what happened in Dallas. That’s a pity.

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