Sunday Morning with Marc Jones

September 9 1932 Our header picture is of 1930 Sacramento. The attendant chart. Seems that this was a rather successful outing for Marc. See-Saw type, Ascendant is 26 Libra. The chart was created via Janus 5. It only has canned reports that cannot be altered. That would not be bad, except everything is in portrait... Continue Reading →

Marc Jones’s “The Cowardly Way” at the Palace Theatre

Marc E. Jones's "The Cowardly Way" was highlighted on page 9 of the Richmond Washington Palladium Newspaper. It was playing at the local Palace Theatre. Richmond is now a suburb of the Seattle-Redmond-Kirkland metropolis. We noticed that the film-wright got notable mention but not the director. We think that shows his pull for silent film... Continue Reading →

C490 Friend of Jones, Hickey & Jayne, Astrologer Ruth Gerry

Ruth Gerry was a spectacular astrologer who worked with Marc Edmund Jones for many years and was a member of all the astrological association operant at the time and travelled throughout the country giving lectures or learning from them. Her close friend was fellow astrologer Charles Jayne.. We know little about Ruth's background other that... Continue Reading →

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