Charles Olson was a postmodern poet, sort of Jack Kerouac, in verse. Separated by twelve years, both men came from Central Massachusetts, — Olson from Worcester, Kerouac from nearby Lowell – a twenty-mile distance probably shorter if the crow flies. Both men went to Harvard, but Olson was huge: six foot six in his stocking feet and weighed about 250 pounds; Kerouac was slight easily half that soaking wet. Both left the Bay State, only

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was a very well loved first lady, typical of Splay Temperament types, so much so that many of her fans who heard her speak at the 2016 Democratic Convention want her to run in 2020.  She has said she will not, but politics is fickle and as Yogi Berra would say “the fat lady sings”. The political Michelle Obama  Young Michelle did not look to Washington for her heroes—she found them right at home.

Don Knotts was first known as Barney Phyfe in the Andy Griffith (variety) show, but he soon stole center stage with crazy slapstick, off beat comedy and headless chook demeanor. He was great. Celestiology looks to his chart to understood what made Don run.

              A boy with NO NAME     His mother, Kathleen Maddox, is often described as being a prostitute. According to Mr. Bugliosi’s book, Helter Skelter: the True Account of the Manson Murders, she was a heavy drinker who lived on the margins of society with a series of men. Thus Manson never knew his biological father, if even Kathleen remembered his name.   She often disappeared for long periods

                           The making of Adam Schiff Adam Schiff was born on 22nd of June 1960 in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States to Edward and Sherrill Ann (nee Glovsky) Schiff, both raised Orthodox, Jews. They raised their own sons in a looser strain. Politically though they were a mixed marriage — she was a staunch Republican and he a New Deal democrat .Rep. Schiff is

Donald George “Don” Bradman, AC, had a career Test batting average of 99.94. This average is often cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any sport, though most people outside of his native Australia barely know him. That’s strange as there was a popular video game created in his honor (see below) where kids learned to bat the Bradman-way. As neither Alan Leo, Aleister Crowley nor Marc Edmund Jones covered his horoscope, unfortunately.

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