Seeing Aenon Alan Leo writes up this optometrist in his magazine way back over 100 hundred years ago,,, noting the preponderance of  Aries, Taurus and Gemini planets highlighting the head and throat area of person.  Of course, Mr Leo used the Placidus format  for all his charts; I have taken the liberty to update that format to a more modern Koch format, and you see that those preponderances all gather around the tenth house.   Obviously,

I honestly thought the three Warleggan family members the best thing on Poldark. Their acting was quite good and I enjoyed the performances of the actors for George, Elizabeth and Uncle Cary, immensely. I could find little on Philip (Pip) Torrens even browsing through the British papers, though YouTube yielded a few interviews. He has a long and varied career — starting with Oxford Blues (a comedy c. 1986) to Star Wars VII: The Force

Born Mary Warren Anglin on April 3rd, 1876 in Ottawa, Ontario, it was as Margaret Anglin she found Broadway success. The youngest of nine children of newspaper editor and politician Timothy Warren Anglin (1822–1896) by his second wife, Ellen MacTavish it doesn’t seem much of her child hood destined her for the stage except being held by Oscar Wilde, novelist cum playwright, a guest of her father, when she was six years old,  probably during

Robert S. Lynd, one of the founding fathers of modern American sociology and co-author, with his wife, Helen Merrell Lynd, of “Middletown” and “Middletown in transition,” died Sunday in Warren, Conn., after a long illness. He was 78 years old and lived at 560 Riverside Drive here. — The New York Times Obit section.

Tunisian Azzedine Alaia,  died on Saturday, November 18, 2017  in his adopted home of Paris where he was one of the couture fashion doyens.  His company said the cause was a heart attack.  He was eight-two years old.  Alaia was called a sculptor of the female form, notably worn by  the First Lady Michelle Obama   who once wore an Alaia sweated to Buckingham Palace (much to Oscar de la Renta’s horror) to Madonna and  Lady

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