Prophesying WWI, Russian General Mikhail Skobolev

Mikhail Skobeleff was born in Saint Petersburg on 29 September 1843 (Michaelmas) to philanthropist Olga Skobeleva, and Russian general Dmitry Ivanovich Skobelev. Like his father, he graduated from the General Staff Academy, seems to be equivalent to the American West Point, as a staff officer, and was immediately sent to Turkestan, Central Asia, in 1868... Continue Reading →

#J347 Henry Ford, making America great

Biography of an Industrialist Britannica vers. 11 is typically first-rate, giving more incisive information than the online watered down version, but sometimes, as in the industrialist Henry Ford, they leave you wanting, wondering how they ignored him as he was reaching his height when they started the edition in 1908. Instead for a brief biography, we... Continue Reading →

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