C523, Dr. Rocket, Hideo Itokawa

In astrology, the asteroid Itokawa is named in honour for the Japanese scientist Dr. Hideo Itokawa or "Dr. Rocket" because on April 12, 1955. he led his fellow scientists in launching the tiny rocket called Pencil in the suburbs of Tokyo.  That chart, also with a sunrise time,  is here. His asteroid is used  to... Continue Reading →

Child Murderess: Myra Hindley

Well, what do you know, Gaugquelin did have Brady's accomplice.  From the Astro.com website, which explains the costume she wore. Brady convinced Hindley that there was no God, and she stopped going to church. She absorbed his philosophies, adopted his interests, and altered her appearance to suit him, bleaching her hair and wearing Germanic clothes.... Continue Reading →

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