Welcome Scorpio The Sun entered Scorpio this afternoon at 12:20 pm. I chose the Capitol Building since that’s where legislature happens and it seems the Speak impasse is still on the front burner. The ascendant is 29 Sagittarius 33 and as shown on the chart below, we have a yod up in the tenth house, just missing the Sun by two degrees. Inconjuncts are aspects that highlight planets that do not, or will not talk

On October 14, 2023, an annular solar eclipse will be viewed in the continental US. Its best viewing spot is Albuquerque, New Mexico. How does an annular eclipse differ from a Total? Both annular and total eclipses are when the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun. The difference for an annular eclipse is that the Sun is at apogee (the farthest distance from our planet) or very close to it. As a result, the

This week we get the rise of 28 Scorpio. This is the degree for the king of the fairies bends affectionately over the sleeping figure of Puck from Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream [/mfn] and sprinkles him with pixie-dust. The shining sparks form a whirl of images which enter Puck’s dream. Martin Goldsmith in his “Revised Sabian Symbols” second edition, published by Red Wheel division of Weister Press in Maine [/mfn] interprets as meaning a time

Roseanne’s birthday was last week. I remembered I had her chart from a while ago from someone who asked when the show was still on t.v. She has an incredibly lucky chart, as shown by the trine midpoints below. Even her grand fixed square works to her advantage, but the thing I find striking is Uranus in Cancer right on the ninth house cusp of t.v. shows (and historically publications) opposite her Mars in the

Dulles National Airport in Washington DC is named for the father of the CIA. He is also the longest servicing head of the organization and once ran for president on the Republican. Unlike another CIA director, George Bush, he was not as successful in his bid. two birthdays for him, but they seem to favour the April 23rd one below. I can understand why: the preponderance in Gemini suggests “spying”, the Pisces ascendant gives

Relief wins Game 1 of the Fall Classic Myron Walter Drabowsky was as a baseball pitcher. He is best-remembered for throwing 6+2⁄3 scoreless innings of relief to win Game 1 of the 1966 World Series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He batted and threw right.  He played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals, and

Just E.G. He was from a Minnesota farming family and despite his riches never changed his Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labour Party affiliation — a socialist political organization formed after World War I. It was a populist progressive party complete with the desire of cradle to grave care including government ownership of important industries, total cradle to grave health care, guaranteed wage. During the Depression, it was very appealing, Democrats try to bring it back in various

Why Blinken Matters Joe Biden has proposed that his long-time associate, Antony Blinken, will be the Secretary of State, replacing Michael Pompeo. Blinken, served as deputy secretary of state under John Kerry, and moves up a slot to become the U.S. Secretary or foreign affairs honcho. He has openly pledged to reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington, restore aid to the Palestinians, rejoin the World Health Organization, and——to resume the failed Iran nuclear

Farmers are socialists by nature. It takes a community of like minded people to make a successful farm, as historically they tend to share tools, tips and hard times and Henry Agard Wallace came from a long line of farming stock. His father, Henry Cantwell Wallace, successfully create a hybrid species of corn that is still harvested today. Henry A, as he was called, started out as a journalist for the family newspaper, Wallaces’ Farmer

I honestly thought the three Warleggan family members the best thing on Poldark. Their acting was quite good and I enjoyed the performances of the actors for George, Elizabeth and Uncle Cary, immensely. I could find little on Philip (Pip) Torrens even browsing through the British papers, though YouTube yielded a few interviews. He has a long and varied career — starting with Oxford Blues (a comedy c. 1986) to Star Wars VII: The Force

U.S. Attorney John Durham may wait until after the 2020 presidential election to make his conclusions public on the Ukraine-gate scandal because as his ascendant shows, Aries 30, he needs to get his ducks all set up in a row. This meticulousness borders on procrastination and indecision — aka who can he afford to hurt more — is further shown by Venus in Aquarius in the tenth house — a constant gathering of information, and

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