Fighting Cammille Mrs. Adams met her husband in England during World War II when she was a firefighter; they relocated to the States after the War and settled in Maryland. There is no mention of her second or succeeding husbands. or what happened to him; that’s a mystery. She reposed on May 11, 2011 in Bowie, Maryland. Astro Highlights: Moon and Neptune are the handle to her Wheelbarrow Temperament Type making her highly psychic/intuitive She

The Legend Our header picture is of the young Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe. Lagerfeld was creative director of Chanel, the French house founded by Gabrielle Chanel, for 36 years. In 1983, Alain Wertheimer, the co-owner of Chanel, asked Lagerfeld to breathe new life into the iconic French house, which had been in sleepy decline since Coco Chanel’s death at the age of 87 in 1971. Lagerfeld obliged in spectacular fashion and reinterpreting the house founder’s iconic

George Parker was a British astrologer who published an ephemeris, including heliocentric positions with his partner, Dr. John Partridge. from Parker’s Tutor²:   a Sun in Leo gives a large voice, broad face and a mark on the aspect.  An honourable character, faithful to his friend and just in his promises.  He takes pleasure in Warfare and propagates all matters and things tending thereto. The top engraving is from Parker’s own frontispiece to his Ephemeris and

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