Bestial came up as the WOTD from the OED today. I am not sure if you can access it so I copied the record. The original is here and a printable version below. Reading the entry I realized the renowned dictionary did not mention signs bestial — those signs that are animal-like who stand on four feet or are quadrupeds: Aries (Ram) Taurus (Bull) Leo (Lion), Sagittarian (Centaur), and Capricorn (Goat) but neither Cancer (Crab)

Don Knotts was first known as Barney Phyfe in the Andy Griffith (variety) show, but he soon stole center stage with crazy slapstick, off beat comedy and headless chook demeanor. He was great. Celestiology looks to his chart to understood what made Don run.

Surprisingly the Transcendentalists loved him Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau thought he was “Jesus come to life,” such was the aura around John Brown abolitionist. Born on May 9th, 1800 in West Torrington, Litchfield County, Connecticut, he was the third of six children to Owen and Ruth Brown. The first having died in infancy, the second was a girl named Anna, and then John was named for Owen’s father and grandfather.1 The Sword

Born Mary Warren Anglin on April 3rd, 1876 in Ottawa, Ontario, it was as Margaret Anglin she found Broadway success. The youngest of nine children of newspaper editor and politician Timothy Warren Anglin (1822–1896) by his second wife, Ellen MacTavish it doesn’t seem much of her child hood destined her for the stage except being held by Oscar Wilde, novelist cum playwright, a guest of her father, when she was six years old,  probably during

Read her magnificent bio on New World. I cannot improve on that. She is bucket with a Moon handle, a common occurrence for writers (see Emily Bronte) who write romances. She has a preponderance in the sixth house in Capricorn highlighting her hard work on her novels and since her north node is trine her Midheaven, how much she aspired to be successful. This is emphasized because of her North Node conjunct her Sun in

Calvin Maduro was born September 5, 1974 in the Dutch Antilles, the island of Aruba, is not by anything we could find, related to the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro — admittedly, it was a long shot but we felt an interesting one. Calvin is six feet tall, bats right, throws right and was a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. His legal residence is in Glen Burnie, Maryland, though since retirement how much time he

Today is Veterans’ Day, a federally mandated holidays in the US, for all those who served our country. Originally it was just for the dead and missing, but in 1954 Congress expanded it to everyone who served. I set our chart for the White House at the same time as the original Armistice was declared: 11:11 on 11:11 and serves as a proxy for the nation.

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