“My father warned me about men and alcohol; he said nothing about women and cocaine.”  …………………. Tallulah Bankhead There was always some suspicion about Ms. Bankhead’s sexual preference, but with her Ascendant of 21 Virgo opposite Pallas in Pisces on the seventh house cusp, we have do doubt that one of her most famous quotes, was dead to rites.  she was born in Huntsville, Alabama on January

Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix was daughter of Queen Juliana and a the German Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. She was born on January 31, 1938 in Soestdijk Palace in Baarn, Netherlands at 9:47 am. Marc Jones incorrectly states she was born in Amsterdam.

We’ve rectified J Law for a birth time of 8:17 EDT in Indian Hills Kentucky. This gives her an ascendant of 18 Aquarius, a “sea fog drifting”  highlighting her particular tendency to being cast as a force of nature and thus  control her character’s outcomes. She has a Grand Earth Trine, see the chart above, from Mars in third, Mercury in the seventh and Saturn in eleventh, showing her great popularity, the trine is essentially

Thomas Robert Malthus was the second son of eight children, the other six being girls, born according to several sites anywhere from February 13/14 or February 17 in the Year of Our Lord 1766 at the Rookery, near Dorking, Surrey, England to Utopian Socialist parents. His death too is disputed and is anywhere from Wikipedia’s December 23 or Britannica’s December 29, 1834 at St. Catherine, near Bath, Somerset. This article will concentrate on the nativity. Thomas’s

Marc Jones did not use TransNeptunians; he knew of them, reviewed them and felt they had nothing to offer, so he never included them in his oeuvre. He added in some Arabian Parts, but none of them were valid for making aspects: they stood alone. Some of that is problematic with Miss Rehman’s chart but workable to create her Grand Trine for her Locomotive Temperament Type open onto the western side.. Using our rectified chart

Princess Amélie of Orléans was the Queen Consort of King Carlos I of Portugal. Born Marie Amélie Louise Hélène d’Orléans on September 28, 1865, in Twickenham England, where her family had been living in exile since Napoleon III had assumed the French throne in 1848. She was the eldest of the eight children of Prince Philippe, Count of Paris, and Princess Marie Isabelle of Orléans.

  This is one of the pieces highlighted in the movie, Tous les matins du monde , directed by Alain Corneau (1943-2010) starring Guillaume Depardieu and his father Gerard as the younger and older Marais.  A review of the movie from the Washington Post can be found here.                                                    Marin Marais Natally Marin

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