Last update on Donna van Toen

Donna passed on December 8th, 2018, a little before midnight. Her daughter Bonnie reported on Facebook.  At her request, Donna had no machines, no tubes, no hookups of any type.   She was 69 years old.  Our sincere condolences to her beloved children, Bonnie and Geoff. Donna van Toen in red, Donna Cunningham behind her in... Continue Reading →

RIP: Donna Cunningham

Astrologer Noel Tyl has announced on his eponymous website, that astrologer Donna Cunningham has reposed. He gave her details on July 5, 1942, at 7:40 in Onawa, Iowa, a town found on the outskirts of Decatur, Iowa north of Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Tyl's  data is similar to that on AstroSage. She Ms. Cunningham reposed in Portland Oregon on... Continue Reading →

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