Marc Edmund Jones first discussed Bowl Temperament Types in his book “The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation,” which can be found at affordable prices on AbeBooks. AbeBooks is not an Amazon affiliate but one of the few independent book publishers on the Net, so most search engines do not give their results.. AbeBooks has phenomenal prices, but they do not accept PayPal. You can purchase the basic Marc Jones library, which includes the Guide to Horoscope

Margaret Morrell and Mathilde Shapiro were members of the Sabian Assembly that helped Marc Jones in writing and publishing his astrological works. There is alas no birth information on Miss Shapiro other than a portrait photo on, maintained by her niece Roey. Miss Morrell’s birth data was collected by the late Lois Rodden herself. She was born on March 28 1906 at 6 am in York Springs, Pennsylvania — near Gettysburg and West Virginia

Alfonso was the eldest child of the then-reigning the Bourbon King Alfonso XIII and his wife, Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg. Birth of a prince He was born on May 10, 1907 at 12:35 PM according to Marc Jones, getting the ascendant of 3 Virgo 33. He and his youngest brother Gonzalo were both hemophiliacs, like their cousin Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia. Both boys had specially tailored jackets to prevent injury from accidents. The Spanish

The chart is for when the baby died. I happened to catch this article on the bing news feed from the Chicago Trib. Our featured image is of the daddy; there is no mention of mummy. According to police in the village of Channahon, southwest of Joliet, Kora was brought to a hospital in nearby Grundy County just after 11 p.m. Sunday, when officials were told the injuries occurred when the baby’s father collapsed as

She was born on August 20th, 1900 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Twelve years later right a fortnight before Thanksgiving — it was late that year — on  November 15, 1912,  she was admitted to Minneapolis hospital with diptheria.  The cart are coloured coded:  the middle is brown and represents the progressed chart to that cruel day while the outside parti-coloured chart is the transit of approximate day of demise.  The green innermost chart is her nativity.

There was a time when Faith Baldwin books lined the supermarket checkout counters along with Daphne du Maurier, Anya Seton, Susan Howatch, Barbara Cartland, Jean Plaidy/Philippa Carr and so on.  Now she would be compared to Nora Roberts.  Searching for Baldwin’s book, all we could find was her first Mavis of Green Hills and that as a free Kindle, so I took it, if only to read some of what she wrote.  Overall, she  wrote 85

Jack Dempsey is one of Marc Jones’s notables and comes in at 228. He does not provide the place, but that’s easy enough to fix, he was born in a coal mining town in Colorado. The time Jones has is also on but does not work with the known biographical details of his life, so we rectified him to a 4:40 PM birth time for his birthplace Manassa, Colorado. For those using the Sabian

Born in St. Paul Minnesota on September 24, 1896, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald really was named after the relative who penned the national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.   He joked once driving by his ancestor’s statue in Baltimore  “Don’t let Uncle Frank see me drunk!”   Scott was urbane and Princeton educated, yet he and the macho Hemingway struck up a fast friendship after meeting in Paris in 1925. Their relationship was complicated by Hemingway’s intense

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