This Pinterest board that has many of his designs for various Hollywood movies. Since the original publication of this essay, there is a site devoted to his designs, called Adrian Originals. All of this is just wonderful to see and feast ones eyes on. More amazing is how many of his clothes were stylishly worn in the 1930s and influenced Hollywood design for decades afterwards. Mr. Adrian was born on March 3 1903 at 11:05

  Hello world!   Today for Thursday, I rolled Pisces 2 — a squirrel hiding from the hunters.  As this shows up in today’s Seventh House, perhaps we are trying to lay low and out of the limelight so extra joint activities do not accost us.  The Part of Fortune at Gemini 06 (revolution) squared definitely thinks so,  particularly as it is lurking in the Tenth House of public responsibility. Will it work?  Well Juno

Leo 15 degrees:   Joining the pageant For many  in America, his past weekend with the advent of Labor Day, Summer draws to a close. As local holiday it was established  on September 5, 1882 in New York City, but it was instituted as a national holiday  after socialist Eugene V. Debs led a strike  against the Pullman Company during the World Exposition in Chicago. However Labor day started, it now has more politics infused into

This week as we visit Bristol Connecticut we get a full moon.  The home town of writer Joel Anthony, Bristol a town in Hartford County, about sixteen miles away from the Capitol, Hartford, is in the central part of the Nutmeg State. Situated on the Pequabuck river, Bristol was a major manufacturer of woollens, hardware, and brass ware. Bristol Clocks were first manufactured after the War of Independance and have always been highly regarded.  Our featured image

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