This post has four monthly charts with the daily aspects, including the Solstice and the Lunar void of course, for the four different time zones on the Continental USA: New York City, St. Louis, Missouri, Denver, Colorado and Anaheim, California. Today, June 8th looks like a busy day planetary-wise.

Douglas Fairbanks sr was the original Hollywood swashbuckler in Mark of Zorro, thief of Baghadad and Robin Hood but his feats did not stop there, he was the founder of United Artists, that Michael Cimino ran into the ground with a stupendous budget overload with Heaven’s Gate, married Mary Pickford, America’s Sweetheart and considered the “King of Hollywood” until he retired and Clark Gable inherited it but it was Australian Errol Flynn that brought the

Jack Dempsey is one of Marc Jones’s notables and comes in at 228. He does not provide the place, but that’s easy enough to fix, he was born in a coal mining town in Colorado. The time Jones has is also on but does not work with the known biographical details of his life, so we rectified him to a 4:40 PM birth time for his birthplace Manassa, Colorado. For those using the Sabian

Judge Gorsuch’s chart was put up on the site rectified.  You can download it here.judge-gorsuch Who is he? Judge Gorsuch is a rara avis — he is a Westerner appointed to the Supreme Court and an Episcopalian.  All the judges nominated in the past thirty years, indeed since Justice Stephen Breyer, who hails from have been from the East Coast and either Roman Catholic or Jewish. He originally clerked for the first Coloradan Justice,. Byron

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