Norma, growing younger by the site The old adage that a lady never tells her age, really struck home with 1930s Hollywood Actress Norma Shearer. Whether it was intentional or not, she has a few birth charts out there — four in fact. The popular one for astrologer is on and says she was born 1900. I think that one can be discarded — it makes her too old for her debut in New

Raymond Burr is best known as Perry Mason, Erle Stanley Gardner’s, legal beagle and later Ironsides on television, always shedding light on lies and misdeeds and nary losing the fight. Perry existed before television, he was a radio favorite, but it was Burr’s intensity and drive for excellence that made the L.A. solicitor a household name, and running for a remarkable nine seasons before fading away into rerun history in 1966. That, though, was not

Update:  from the Toronto Star Originally a murder suicide Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted in a double murder, according to the latest update by Toronto police. Initially there was some suggestion that the death of Apotex’s founder and his wife was a murder-suicide, however investigators now say, after a tip supplied on January 20, 2018, that it was really a double homicide. Sherman was born February 2, 1942 in Toronto. His wife Honey, dates

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