C478 Fibonacci, Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s 10th Problem

Fibonacci Day is November 23rd, and celebrates the work of medieval mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. We have no solid dates on Leonardo, but 11-23 was chosen as those are the first numbers in the sequence. In honour of the day, Science Magazine published an article on an American mathematician who utilized the Fibonacci series to... Continue Reading →

C482 French Astrologer Andre Barbault reposes

French astrologer, Andre Barbault, reposed on the afternoon of 7 October 2019. Commencing his studies at seventeen years old, Monsieur Barbault gave the world eighty one years of profound study. His predictions of world events are well-known and his wisdom came from intense study of human psychology married to relentless research. He was born at... Continue Reading →

2017, November 17 and the Sex Appeal conjunction of Venus

Two of the five bright planets–Saturn and Mercury–are evening planets, but only Saturn is clearly visible after nightfall in early November, 2017.  Right before Thanksgiving, on November 13th, Venus (at 08 Scorpio) will be exact to Jupiter and be like a "Moon shining on a lake, unveiling everyone's darkest secrets."  We base our chart at ... Continue Reading →

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