#J38 Andrew MacBeth Anderson, Scots jurist

Andrew Macbeth Anderson, Lord Anderson DL was born on 6 November 1862 at 7 pm, getting an ascendant of 08 Cancer, (HS) or One great eye wreathed in rays and beams where one lives outside his immediate limitations and the gives the world an uncluttered view of the true self — keyword Representation. His line... Continue Reading →

#J618 Beliefs over Style: GB Labour PM, James Ramsay MacDonald

Marc Jones, in his Essentials of Astrology,  writes James R. MacDonald is his illustration of the "see saw type" and the real creator and organizer of the Labor Party in Great Britain.  Jones for the record, was a strong progressive Democrat. James Ramsay McDonald was born in Lossiemouth, Scotland on October 12, 1866 at 11:24... Continue Reading →

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