Shakira is a talented lady, no doubt.  Her voice warbles like a bird, she can dance up a storm, and she writes poetry, in her native Spanish, as a hobby.  That said, I do not think her talents expand to having two birthdays that span years.

U.S. Attorney John Durham may wait until after the 2020 presidential election to make his conclusions public on the Ukraine-gate scandal because as his ascendant shows, Aries 30, he needs to get his ducks all set up in a row. This meticulousness borders on procrastination and indecision — aka who can he afford to hurt more — is further shown by Venus in Aquarius in the tenth house — a constant gathering of information, and

The data is straight from Jones’ book, Sabian Symbols. Assagioli developed psychosynthesis that he felt had much in common with Jung’s archetypes. Read more here. He was born on February 28 1888 in Venice at around 8 o’clock in the morning. His ascendant is 23 Taurus, a jewelry shop with the keyword of Preservation. With a grand trine in air, and few conjunctions, there is no surprise that Dr. Assagioli is a humanist splash pattern.

Assagioli developed psychosynthesis he felt had much in common with Jung’s archetypes but actually transcended them as he believed that all living things had a commonality. Because of that strong belief he was gravitated toward the Indian mystic Rabindranath Tagore and occultist Alice Bailey. He believed that the Will was a central concept and essential towards making people whole for it drives us to coordinate the differing parts of ourselves into one wholistic and harmonic

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