Angela Lansbury, the star of “Murder, She Wrote,” died on Thursday, her family announced. “The children of Dame Angela Lansbury are sad to announce that their mother died peacefully in her sleep at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 AM today, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, just five days shy of her 97th birthday,” her family said in a statement to news outlets.

Norma, growing younger by the site The old adage that a lady never tells her age, really struck home with 1930s Hollywood Actress Norma Shearer. Whether it was intentional or not, she has a few birth charts out there — four in fact. The popular one for astrologer is on and says she was born 1900. I think that one can be discarded — it makes her too old for her debut in New

I  happened to catch this porn-sci fi the other night and I was struck that only two people put in good performances:  Rip Torn and Candy Clark.   I’m not alone in my opinion — in  John Willis’ 1974 Film Annual “Screen World” book thought she was one of the more “promising actors” on the horizon  — he was basing that on her performance in George Lucas’s American Graffiti where she was terrific, and very pretty.

Born Mary Warren Anglin on April 3rd, 1876 in Ottawa, Ontario, it was as Margaret Anglin she found Broadway success. The youngest of nine children of newspaper editor and politician Timothy Warren Anglin (1822–1896) by his second wife, Ellen MacTavish it doesn’t seem much of her child hood destined her for the stage except being held by Oscar Wilde, novelist cum playwright, a guest of her father, when she was six years old,  probably during

Dolly Parton has a new series on Netflix called Heartstrings.  This is just another notch in her very successful acting-music career. The starter for the series is her number #1 hit, Jolene, a country ballad of  a “hussy” trying to steal Dolly’s husband.  It debuted in 1973 and was a  surprise hit  as heavy metal (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath) & country rock and roll (Poco, the Eagles. Rolling Stones (who played both sides

We’ve rectified J Law for a birth time of 8:17 EDT in Indian Hills Kentucky. This gives her an ascendant of 18 Aquarius, a “sea fog drifting”  highlighting her particular tendency to being cast as a force of nature and thus  control her character’s outcomes. She has a Grand Earth Trine, see the chart above, from Mars in third, Mercury in the seventh and Saturn in eleventh, showing her great popularity, the trine is essentially

Download the Saint Eva Marie chart On Independence Day 1924 in Newark New Jersey, Eva Marie Saint was born to Eva Marie and John Saint.  Her first role was in Elia Kazan’s on the Waterfront playing against Marlon Brando where she won the Best Supporting Actress.  The interview above discusses their introduction.  She was also in North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock.   Last year she attended the Oscars where she announced the winner in Costume Design

Mary Margaret McBride was born to a Missouri farming family in 1899. Her earliest education was “disorganized” because the family often relocated, but she entered a preparatory academy at six and at 16 entered the University of Missouri; she earned her journalism degree by the age of 19. Having reasonable success as a “girl journalist” with the Cleveland Press, she moved on to the larger New York Evening Mail (1867 – 1924) &  did quite

Our featured photo is of her and Cesare Romano in “The Devil is a Woman” directed by Josef von Sternberg. It was her favorite film because it made her look “beautiful.”  You can watch it here and see if you agree. Marlene Dietrich, a German femme fatale, is also a mutable hourglass. Like Joseph Haydn, she has a Virgo Ascendant, but her hourglass runs totally contrary to his.  While he has a singleton in the

Debbie Reynolds was unfortunately in the news this past Christmas holiday, when her only daughter, Carrie Frances Fisher, had a heart attack on board a flight from London, the UK to Los Angeles, California. The plane was forced to stopped but the fifteen minutes of getting Ms. Fisher to a hospital was too long, and a few days later, the sixty-year-old actress died.Ms. Reynolds was discussing with her only son, Todd Fisher, his sister’s funeral

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