The hit, by Muhammad Atta and gang, on the WTC officially 8:46:40 according to Columbia University’s Seismological Center located up in Morningside Heights probably about 8 miles away from the scene. The major focus point on the chart is of course the Ninth House ruled by Jupiter where he is in his detriment in money-making Jupiter. The only tight aspect to him is Pluto in Sagittarius in the third depicting the mob that attacked. Mars

In the 1964 At the 1964 Newport Folk Festival, the annual folk music festival where Bob Dylan made his name, was still a folk musician in the shadow of the Weavers and Woody Guthrie. Ronnie Gilbert, a member of The Weavers, a Greenwich Village Folk art music band, introduced him and made a tactical mistake by saying to the audience “And here he is… take him, you know him, he’s yours.” Fast Forward same place a

The Afghan Pullout August 15 2021 Leon Panetta, a longtime Democrat official,   lambasted the Biden administration’s execution of the Afghanistan withdrawal, comparing it to the Bay of Pigs invasion by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 when U.S.-backed Cuban forces tried to land in Cuba but were rebuffed by the communist regime.

  New York Times December 15, 1968. Omarr’s comment in the Times is a small side-bar where the Times notes that after highlighting Righter and Dixon, the big names in the horoscope world “a third, Sydney Omarr (of Philadelphia) comments the daily horoscope printed in newspapers, though never in the Times, were more for “entertainment than enlightenment.” (In case you missed it, scroll up and look to the right of Righter’s box.) A rather back-handed

Bristol, Connecticut by Mo Saladin. There are few things I remember clearer than at 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald killing President Kennedy in Dallas. The news came into my house via radio, but I was at school. No reason given. They dismissed class with the warning to go home. We were stunned, but happy to get out of school early, but when we did, we saw that there were teachers crying

The trial against the two men charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the deadly 2016 “Ghost Ship” warehouse fire in Oakland, California ended Thursday with a mistrial for one of the defendants and a full acquittal for the other. Derick Almena and Max Harris both faced 39 years if found guilty of the 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter; however, Harris was acquitted on all 36 counts, while a hung jury mistrial was declared for Almena who will head

Dole, Cleveland and Hawaii On July 6, 1898 the Republic of Hawaii was annexed to the U.S. after Congress passed the Newlands Resolution, the culmination of nearly thirty years effort to bridge the two. The Sugar Fix Hawaii’s importance increased with the aftermath of the Civil War and the concurrent rise in sugar prices. In the United States sugar had always been supplied by the southern states, particularly Louisiana, and with the fall of the

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