Professor Roberto Fantechi of Florence, Italy created this one and called it the Universal Regiomontanus. though there is no mention of his invention on his LinkedIn page. The Universal Regiomontanus is suitable for any latitude, an important consideration for those areas like Iceland near the Artic Circle. Iceland is technically is a few degrees south of the boreal circle, but it is enough to throw several house systems totally off kilter and be unusable (north

Today we remember the Cumana quake of July 15, 1853, one of the worst quakes in Venezuelan history.   Totally all Venezuelan quakes from 1610 to 2018, but excluding this one, they get an average score of 5.85, roughly right in the middle, of a 12 point scale.  This one though, was astounding, 50% stronger than that, at an incredible 9, and it is not surprising that 1,000 people died in its wake. There are few

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton hosted the first convention in Worcester, Massachusetts (about 50 miles west of Boston) on October 23, 1850. More prominent in history, though, is the Seneca Falls convention (also about 50 miles west, though of Syracuse). The Seneca Fall no show The Seneca Falls convention held on July 18-19th 1848 in the middle of summer. It’s only announcement was on July 14 (Bastille Day) 1848 in the Seneca County

Urania astrology magazine, in an 1880 issue, reported that on October 25, 1879, there was a quake in Szeged, Hungary. We do not know if it was related to the building of a dam in the area or not, but there were a lot of rains with subsequent destruction mentioned for that time period. It is possible that the earthquake was like the St. Francis Dam catastrophe in California forty years later, but we cannot

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