#J902 American spiritualist reformer, Katherine Tingley

Katherine Tingley was mainly educated in public schools and then in a convent school in Montreal. She is best known as Katherine Tingley, after her third husband, Philo Tingley. Little known about her two other spouses or her family life, odd living as she did so totally in the public. Tingley née Katherine Augusta Westcott, was... Continue Reading →

Robert Hand on partiles & atoms and string theory

Q: Christeen Skinner, who I interviewed a little while ago, mentioned that we don’t have three-dimensional software; saying architects have it, so that if they’re designing a building, they can see the building that they’re working on. Maybe–taking up what you’re talking about – we need software that shows us an expanse in time… A:... Continue Reading →

#J95 Annie Besant

“An imperious necessity forces me to speak the truth, as I see it, whether the speech please or displease, whether it bring praise or blame. That one loyalty to Truth I must keep stainless, whatever friendships fail me or human ties be broken.” – Annie Besant, An Autobiography Chapter XIV. Annie Besant ate  no meat and drank... Continue Reading →

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