C401 Major Marcus Reno of the 7th Cavalry

Custer's Last Stand enters the annals of military history with a bang. Major Marcus Reno who commanded one of the 3 wings to support Custer has been vilified as a coward or praised as a shrewd military commander just as long and with as much gusto. Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone even weighed in... Continue Reading →

Prophesying WWI, Russian General Mikhail Skobolev

Mikhail Skobeleff was born in Saint Petersburg on 29 September 1843 (Michaelmas) to philanthropist Olga Skobeleva, and Russian general Dmitry Ivanovich Skobelev. Like his father, he graduated from the General Staff Academy, seems to be equivalent to the American West Point, as a staff officer, and was immediately sent to Turkestan, Central Asia, in 1868... Continue Reading →

Quantrill’s Raid on Larryville

William Clarke Quantrill was a Confederate captain during the American Civil War. He was the Confederate version of General William Tecumseh Sherman who is renowned for his burning and pillaging non-military supporters. It is hard to say which man invented the scorched earth policy, but historians seems to favour Quantrill over Sherman because of the Lawrence KS... Continue Reading →

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