Update on Charlottesville Driver

When the Charlottesville riot occured, our mundane astrologer, Eugene Johnson, wrote about it here. Finally there is a verdict in the case of Virginia vs James Alex Fields Jr. Charlottesville Attack Driver James Fields Sentenced to Life in Prison Prosecutors called 2017 attack an act of domestic terrorism James Alex Fields Jr. accelerated his car... Continue Reading →

C731 The train ride of Judge A.G. Scalia

Out of one, manyGrowing upScalia's BenevolenceJones Lines The header picture is of Judge Scalia, his wife Maureen whom he married in 1960 with their nine children. In order of birth they are: Ann Forest, Secretary of Labor Eugene, lawyer John Francis, Catherine Elisabeth, Mary Clare, Father Paul David R.C, Colonel Matthew, writer Christopher James, and... Continue Reading →

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