#J38 Andrew MacBeth Anderson, Scots jurist

Andrew Macbeth Anderson, Lord Anderson DL was born on 6 November 1862 at 7 pm, getting an ascendant of 08 Cancer, (HS) or One great eye wreathed in rays and beams where one lives outside his immediate limitations and the gives the world an uncluttered view of the true self — keyword Representation. His line... Continue Reading →

Eugene V. Debs Awakens

Labour Day " was instituted as a national holiday  after socialist Eugene V. Debs led a strike against the Pullman Company during the World Exposition in Chicago." Marc Jones, a young Missourian, went with his family to see the Exposition and was so impressed, he forever wondered about spirituality in America. Genealogist and former Administrator of the Sabian... Continue Reading →

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