C148 Singing his way to astrology, Noel Tyl

Noel Tyl died on his birthday, December 31st. He was a towering figure in modern astrology and many call him their mentor having taken his Masterworks DVD set and learnt the craft from a grand master. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, and started out as an operatic bass-baritone.... Continue Reading →

C482 French Astrologer Andre Barbault reposes

French astrologer, Andre Barbault, reposed on the afternoon of 7 October 2019. Commencing his studies at seventeen years old, Monsieur Barbault gave the world eighty one years of profound study. His predictions of world events are well-known and his wisdom came from intense study of human psychology married to relentless research. He was born at... Continue Reading →

The dog days of July are not sundogs

sun dog, n.‘A bright spot in the sky often associated with a solar halo, typically occurring simultaneously on either side of the sun (occasionally above and below it), caused by the reflection of sunlight on ice crystals in the atmosphere. See the header picture for a view; below is the dog star prominent in July.

Marc Jones’s “The Cowardly Way” at the Palace Theatre

Marc E. Jones's "The Cowardly Way" was highlighted on page 9 of the Richmond Washington Palladium Newspaper. It was playing at the local Palace Theatre. Richmond is now a suburb of the Seattle-Redmond-Kirkland metropolis. We noticed that the film-wright got notable mention but not the director. We think that shows his pull for silent film... Continue Reading →

Astrologer Edward Dearborn

Mr Dearborn was a see-saw temperament type. The original chart from Astrologers Memorial. The writeup on Mr. Dearborn is on Donna Cunningham's Astrologer's Memorial; we are just supplying the chart based on their records since when I clicked on it the chart disappeared. I happened upon him because I was searching for #19, Elizabeth Aldrich... Continue Reading →

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