The AFA reports that  astrologers Lynne Palmer and Donna Henson have passed  Both were 90 but we only have data for Lynn.  Donna never supplied hers, so we will just be reviewing Lynne’s chart. lynne palmer birth chart and her demise

Belle Bart, not the Borscht Belt comedienne Belle Barth, who is the predominant search item when looking for the astrologer, is number 69 on the Jones hit parade. He peppers his 1000 nativities with astrologers and esotericists for as Kent McClung of the Hyperion symbols, said when I mentioned this, “Who else would remember them?” Well the late Donna Cunningham , herself an astrologer,did. She had a website dedicated to them, but it ended with

  New York Times December 15, 1968. Omarr’s comment in the Times is a small side-bar where the Times notes that after highlighting Righter and Dixon, the big names in the horoscope world “a third, Sydney Omarr (of Philadelphia) comments the daily horoscope printed in newspapers, though never in the Times, were more for “entertainment than enlightenment.” (In case you missed it, scroll up and look to the right of Righter’s box.) A rather back-handed

At sunrise this morning, May 22,  we were treated to a conjunction of the Moon with Venus.  The conjunction did not occur exactly at sunrise, however, that was later at 10:09 AM EDT, at 16 Aries 24. The two appeared very close together because Venus is only 2 degrees of declination the right of the Moon, in addition to being  in conjunction by longitude.  This article is the third in this series, please  read the

Aleister Crowley wrote prodigiously.   His works “The Book of the Law”, “Magick in Theory and Practice,” Diary of Drug Fiend and “The Book of Thoth” are almost de rigueur reading for occultists.  His tarot deck, the Thoth Tarot, is nonpareil.  It was created with Lady Frieda Harris and Israel Regardie, then his personal secretary and later president of the Golden Dawn.  The trio is depicted on the deck’s Nine of Disks, that is titled

It is with a sad heart we post that Bill Roche, a former Administrator of the Sabian Assembly, has reposed. He was a wonderful man, a kind spirit and gifted author though the book he co-authored with Stanley Carnarius, has been out of print so long that I have forgotten, unfortunately, it’s title. When we get word of the official obituary we will of course post it. Our header picture is the last time I

Noel Tyl died on his birthday, December 31st. He was a towering figure in modern astrology and many call him their mentor having taken his Masterworks DVD set and learnt the craft from a grand master. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, and started out as an operatic bass-baritone. Tyl switched gears somewhere along the way, perhaps after meeting the astrologer cum musician Rudhyar, and became the foremost Jungian

French astrologer, Andre Barbault, reposed on the afternoon of 7 October 2019. Commencing his studies at seventeen years old, Monsieur Barbault gave the world eighty one years of profound study. His predictions of world events are well-known and his wisdom came from intense study of human psychology married to relentless research. He was born at a solar eclipse on October 1, 1921, at 5:00 p.m. in Champignelles, France (about 4 hours away by Metro; 2

Jean Baptiste Morin writes that he was born during the daytime i.e. 8:33 in the morning, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in the 12th house. He used the Whole Sign house system so they are “all” square to Mars in the third. The parental effect The Moon is the significator of my parents because it is the ruler of the 4th House, he is Aries rising, and in particular the

In Ms. Greene’s book, The Outer Planets and their Cycles, section #5, Liz admits that her “Mercury is in Gemini”. Based on her birthday of September 4th that cannot be literally true Mercury is never that far away from the Sun (which in September is in Virgo), so she must mean is that it is in its the third house or Gemini. Re-rectifying Liz When we originally rectified her chart, we put her Mercury in

Margaret Morrell and Mathilde Shapiro were members of the Sabian Assembly that helped Marc Jones in writing and publishing his astrological works. There is alas no birth information on Miss Shapiro other than a portrait photo on, maintained by her niece Roey. Miss Morrell’s birth data was collected by the late Lois Rodden herself. She was born on March 28 1906 at 6 am in York Springs, Pennsylvania — near Gettysburg and West Virginia

Alice Ann Bailey, often called AAB, was a woman ahead of her time. Born June 16, 1880 as Alice LaTrobe-Bateman in Manchester, England at what we have reckoned to be 9:50 pm. She first married fellow Christian evangelist British Walter Evans but this union ended in divorce as Bailey’s occult philosophy developed.

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