There are many striking things about the horoscope of Empress Alexandra, and the Fixed Star Nunki conjunct to her Part of Fortune is definitely one of them as it helps understand her devoted to the religious monk-health healer, Rasputin. Pelagus alias Nunki has the nature of Jupiter and Mercury. It gives a religious mind, hopeful optimism in the face of physical reality. With her Ascendant in Sagittarius, the Empress would naturally believe in faith healing and the religious laying on of the hands.

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Horoscope of her Royal Highness, Alexandra Feodrovna

She has a plethora of planets in her fifth house of children, emphasizing her maternal concern for them, and with Mars at 12.52 Gemini symbolic of her son, the Tsarevitch Alexei, in the midst of them and conjunct her Sun at 17.30 Gemini the crown jewel and emblematic of her highest hopes.

painting of the Royal Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

Mars has the symbol of a “great musician at his piano”  with the keyword of Achievement.  After having four girls, one could see that the Tzarina would have been overjoyed at delivering an heir.  Her sun with the lovely symbol of Sagittarius 18 are “tiny children in sunbonnets” suggests her overzealousness in cloistering her children worried about bolshevistic attacks and other revolutionaries who made no secret of their desire to depose the Royal Family.

Her ascendant at 23.00 Sagitarrius at the Eleventh House cusp, tells us how she travelled to make her destiny that was proposed by close friends and family, dependent upon the T-Square to her Ninth House that she convert to Russian Orthodoxy.  She did so with the zeal of a convert, and the symbol of “Immigrants enteringing a new land”  suggests the courageness of bringing her skills into a new world — Russia was at that time a relatively unknown country in Europe.

left to right — Grand Duchesses Olga, Maria, Anastasia, Tatiana and the Empress in center.


That ascendant also has another T-Square to Chiron, our asteroid of Personal Respect, at 14.22 Aries in the Third House has the symbol of a “serpent coiling near a mating pair” and warning her not to surrender her self-interest to transient worries and fears.  If only she had listened or heeded the lesson of Prince Leopold of England, also a haemophilic, who was not pampered and smothered and lived to age of thirty-three.  But she did not.

Alexandra and Nicholas official engagment photo


Why?  Well Saturn 20.08 Capricorn opposite its co-ruler Uranus28.51 in Cancer with its T-Square at Aries Neptune at 25.37 in the Fourth House tells us that she was far more controlling than her grandmother, Queen Victoria.  Perhaps it was because Queen Victoria had her succession secured in Edward VII and Empress Alix had only one.  That motherly obsession, Neptune is right on the cusp of Taurus, increased with time into a frenzy (Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer).

Like her grandmother, Empress Alix, had a strong sex drive found in Part of Sex conjunct Venus Gemini 06.03 but also had a Part of Self-Undoing at in her Twelfth House conjunct her Part of Fortune.  But it is the Part of Treachery and Tragedy both conjunct her Sun in the Fifth House that makes us a part on a sad note — she and her whole family were slaughtered by Bolshevist Marxists on  July 17, 1918, in the town of Ekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountains, Russia.  You could read more here on the Town & Country magazine site.


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She is #23 on the 1000 list of Nativities found in the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones.  He did not list a birth time, so we rectified it to 23 Sagitarrius.



The chart of Empress Alexandra of Russia

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