Her real name was Harriette Lake.  She took Ann from her mother and Sothern from the great Shakespearean actor, E. H. Sothern.  I happened to catch her last night on a Alfred Hitchcock Present TV program with John Cassavettes called “Waters Edge. annsothern She was a solid actress, a good comedienne — she was best friends with Lucille Ball and in a two year period made eighteen films.   She died in Ketchum, Idaho March 15,2001 at 92.

You can read her whole obituary over here at the New York Times.  All of this reminded me how much I adored her when I was young, so after seeing the Hitchcock show, I rectified her chart.  Sometimes you cannot help yourself, it is such a fun hobby.  I heartily recommend it.

hariette lake.png
What the Chart says

Her Ascendant at 26 Pisces according to McClung’s Hyperion Symbols is “School boys kicking a soccer ball” and suggest creative resources that motivates the native to undreamt goals.  Despite her Pisces ascendant, she is heavily Air and Earth, that gives her a cool practicality.

She has a Splay/Tripod Temperament Type that also helps keep her grounded; she looks more to her own sense of fulfillment in her work than applause.  She has a strong Line of Vitality that makes sense because of her great health and long life.  Her Line of Personality is in opposition that according to Mark Edmund Jones suggests she   acts responsibly and has no problem with hard work.0iykt5w946h849ht.jpg

Her acting persona tapped into her need to search for truth in expression (Pluto 24.10 Gemini, third house).  Sextile her Neptune in the fourth, she found that this career, Venus in the tenth opposite her Neptune in the fourth, was taxing to her normally happy self, and probably resulted in her drinking.

download Ann-sothern‘s chart

Billy the Kidd, the famous outlaw, has a similarly afflicted Neptune.  Her Mercury in the twelfth house,  that silvery lord of Gemini, suggests that her work lives beyond her:  adventure writer Jack London has a similar Mercury but no corresponding Line of Vitality and drank himself to death at half her age.

You can see more of Anne and other vintage Hollywood beauties over here on Photobucket.  Makes me think I will watch the Ann Sothern Show today; I have never seen it, but the episode Touch of Larceny looks promising. Click here and you can join me.