The Weiss Tunkhannock Murders

In the local news was a big writeup about 24-year-old Randy Robert Stair who worked the night shift at Weiss Markets in Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., PA killing three of his co-workers before finally pulling the trigger on himself.  As this is in the neighboring county,  it caught my interest.  The news item can be found here on the WNEP site.

The ascendant for the actual killing took place is 15+ Pisces, which E. C. Chambers writes is the symbol of “someone who is extroverted, bombastic, and anxious to attract attention.” He goes on to say that typically this attention takes the form of nefarious dealings something murder definitely fits.

This was no surprise to me as the chart for child murderer Ian Brady, said the same, and sure enough, the press gave him what he wanted: lots of notorious fame floating his picture all over the television. I think that should be stopped and that the murderer should get no press, no pictures, nothing. Just a name and then pictures of the victims and account of the killing. He should be minimized as much as possible so he cannot get any benefit from his wrongdoing.

The murders got a see-saw temperament type. That is not unusual as Randy let someone who knew and was friendly with him, go. The chart supports that he chose his victims by who was just business like towards him i.e. had no personal relationship, as shown by the Line of Efficiency sextile in the Second and Fourth Houses.

Here we see Venus at 01.52 Taurus,  in the Second House of Personal Resources. E. C. Chambers calls this degree “Magnanimous, ” which does work as Stair allowed one near-victim to leave the supermarket.

                                           The Lords of a House

Venus is the Lord of Taurus, making it accidentally dignified.   The idea of Lords of a House is that this planet is in tune with the basic ideology of the House itself — the esoteric and Biblic idea of so is above, so is below.  These Lords do not change though a few Houses have several Lords, but Taurus is not one of them, and thus Taurus is always implicitly ruled by Venus.  How that works is the planet Venus gives its essence to where ever we find Taurus residing.

Dr. Jones wrote that Venus was an “acquisitive” planet. He wrote in the seminal “How to learn astrology,”

The symbol of Venus is the circle of the spirit placed on top of the cross of matter. This indicates a way of acting where ideal things are more important than practical one regarding Venus’s contribution to a native’s values. An example is that the relaxation and satisfaction of life are important to the native, but so is social standing.

Unfortunately, it also implies repudiation and ultimate distaste of the same.

The position of Venus in the horoscope reveals the pattern of simple pleasure and appreciation life showing how the native ordinarily will finish things, and give them ultimate meaning.

For this particular situation, Venus in the Second House suggests that his “social standing ” was important. It was sextile, or assisted by, Mars in the Fourth House that was then Cancer which is ruled by the Lord Moon, found in the Ninth House of the Fourth Estate, Newspapers and Media, Here we see that Stair’s desire for some type of social standing would be abetted by the violence at his home or place of work associated with his father, so he could get media attention.

Line of Vitality

Next is the Line of Vitality, that is the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is at 17.37 Gemini and the Moon is at 13.10 Sagittarius. The Sun’s Symbol according to Chambers is “duality” and found often in men with very feminine traits. Stair’s death note stated that he was “woman trapped instead a man’s body who longed to be free.” The opposition to the Moon, Chambers says gives “violent tendencies or manifestations” as its expression of awareness.

We have already discussed that the Moon in the Ninth House suggests journalism and media, and again Stair writes that while he will miss the “humans” he wants to take a few out with him to make a bigger death notice.

Personal Chart

We have no information on Stairs’s birth data but from what the event chart tells us that the act is in synch with both his actions and death note.

Our condolences go out to all the friends and family impacted by this horror.
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