BTW, my featured image is the 1864 Copper Nickel as it was called then, or “penny.” No reason other than I use coins for the I-Ching; for this exercise I used the Sabian Dice.

Natal Degrees in Triplicate

Lynda Hill, makes a triplicate of prior-focus-following symbols in her  monthly lunar forecasts.  She says that the prior degree symbol is  also a karmic one, so I am renaming her Prior to Karma.  In the end, that’s about all I kept of Ms. Hill’s spread as the Focus and Following did not work as by renaming the first position Karma, it rather changes the tone of the whole shebang.

Karma is basically the idea of what comes around goes around.  To be honest,  not everything that happens is caused by this cosmic law because there is something also called freewill, which like the die, throws a random element into the mix.  Thinking about that I realized I liked that, so the Focus position was changed to FreeWill.  Sometimes freewill is for the best — you break free and start out on your own path —  sometimes not  — you discover you are broke and have no fallback support —  but which ever way it falls, it was totally up to you.

Using the Dice

So now the third position of Quest was looking dicey.  If I am tapping into FreeWill, the idea of a Quest does not really flow, but scouting around, I realized that Reminder would — the idea of before jumping into the new endeavour that I remind myself of something that I have not thought of — some forgotten or lost idea that perhaps may be a deciding factor.  I thought of several words and perhaps I will change it again, but right now Reminder works for me; only time will tell.

Here is how it goes:  You have to roll for each heading because if you have more than 1 set how would you know which set matches to what heading?



For the Karma position, or what I have inherited, I rolled Capricorn 18.  Using the Sabian Symbols by Wheeler and Jones, Cap 18’s symbol is the Union Jack.  Dr. Jones writes that gives “me high rewards for effort” when working in a group.  That is true as this site is not just my own making but part of the Dromenon Group and so comes with some amount of responsibility or baggage with it.


Rainbow looking at Mt McKinley
Rainbow in Denali National Park, Alaska

Next position, new roll.  This time, I got Leo 26 for the FreeWill heading, that by default, is the random element.

For the random part to work, I must use both the positive and negative aspects of the symbol.  Under the Rainbow symbol the overall meaning suggests that whenever “one strives one must be aware of the spiritual power and presence in all personal effort and desire.” The converse is instead of cooperating effectively with the whole flux around me, I  can decide to go with a Wing and Prayer and fly solo.


Woman watering rose plant

Another heading, another roll.  The Reminder heading is something some would say is a warning from a Higher Self, an Unconscious  Message or just good old Common Sense interjecting itself into the dialogue.  However you see it, the third position is your reflection.

For this position, I rolled  Taurus 11 , the symbol of A woman sprinkling flowers. The keyword here is Care and suggests that my Reminder when thinking about the Rainbow, whether I should go it alone or swim with the crowd, is why did I chose the Crowd to start with when I could have gone solo?  Was there a reason?  Or was it just to be accommodating?

As I am a avid gardener, thinking more and more about this site being like a garden, a metaphor I like, I realized that while flying solo sounds great,  I have done that many times before, and a cooperative effort here is something new for me and I believe has brought untold riches and depth to the site that I alone could not have achieved.  So I return to Karma and the group-think and realize for me, now and this work, it is the best approach.


I found this helpful and surprisingly insightful. I hope you will too.



  1. Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols can be foundthe sabian oracle here.  It is also available in book form.
  2. Marc Edmund Jones Number Significance can be purchased for $19.00 postpaid from Dromenon in brand new in hardcover.  Send an enquiry here.
  3. The best book on the I-Ching is by Taoist Master Alfred Huang.  Here’s a link to the Amazon page.



This post was suggested by fellow Dromenon member, P. L. Rydman.  Thanks so much.

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