We did the chart for Mr. Acosta, a rather lackluster one at that, but it is here. Then there was Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants, the first nominee, who had a strong chart of a self-made man, but that was a flash in the pan and he never got confirmed. Now President Trump is on his third nominee, Eugene Scalia; we figured we should we should continue the tradition.

Our original take on Scalia did not have his birth time adjusted for DST oddly enough. it was upon his Senatorial confirmation that we saw the mistake.

Meeting Eugene Scalia

Mr. Scalia is of course the son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia and his wife Maureen. He was born on August 14, 1963 in Columbus Ohio. We have rectified his time to about 9:45 pm with a 25 Pisces ascendant {HS} of a “Shambhala revealed,” with the keyword of “attunement.” This degree makes Mr. Scalia want to bring about a harmonious agreement between differing ideas. Shambhala or Shambala, is the Buddhist principle that heaven is laid laid out like an eight-petaled lotus blossom surrounded by a chain of snow mountains. In its center is the palace of the King of Shambala who governs from the city called¬†Kalapua (the head). Shambhala is also called¬†Shangri-la.

Mr. Scalia is married with 4 children, but with that plethora of Virgoan planets in their native 6th house, he is a workaholic always trying to balance home and family. His Mercury is also there, far from his Sun in the previous 5th house at 21 Leo 32, and with an average Moon speed, giving him a Mental Chemistry that is very deliberate — so much so that he misses opportunities as he weighs the two back and forth.

Sun and shadow

With his Dynamic Aptitude Saturn 19 Aquarius 37 opposite his Sun 21 Leo 32, Mr. Scalia has spent a large part of his life literally in his father’s shadow, something that his chart shows he accepts graciously — the trine of his ascendant to its Lord Neptune at 13 Scorpio and then again his ascendant semisextile to the historical ruler of Jupiter 19 Aries 26 Rx. This latter aspect shows the challenges he has received particularly as he has chosen the same career as his famous father opposite Mars in 7th house at 11 Libra 39. This T-Square ending at his Midheaven 27 Sagittarius 19, conjunct the Galactic Center, has sturdied his determination and made him a strong opponent.

Scalia’s Temperament Type

While his father was a Splash, Mr. Scalia is a locomotive. In his case, Scalia fils has a focal determinator of Neptune, which Marc Jones believes was the true ruler of the chart, showing his commitment or as Dr Jones termed it “obligation” to his inner sight of how individual concerns can best be protected from the giants that walk the corridors of power.

We do not know when his hearing will be, so we are arbitrarily picking the day President Trump announced Scalia as his choice, July 19th with Tertiary Progressions. The chart below, shows his nomination was a bucket with a Saturn at Pisces 14 — conjunct his natal ascendant. It would seem that Mr. Scalia’s ship has come in.

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