Booker was born on April 27th 1969 at 1:10 AM in Washington D.C. because his parents worked for the Federal division of IBM. He attended Stanford University, where he studied political science (B.A., 1991) and sociology (M.A., 1992). He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford like former president William Jefferson Clinton, where he received a bachelor’s degree in history (1994). Upon his return, he attended Yale Law School, earning a doctorate in jurisprudence in 1997.

After working for the Urban Justice Center in New York City, Booker ran for a seat on the Newark City Council in 1998, and he surprised many by defeating a longtime incumbent. After assuming office, Booker sought to combat an epidemic of drug abuse, and he took up residence in one of Newark’s most crime-afflicted areas.

In 2002 he ran for mayor of Newark, but was defeated; the race was the focus of the acclaimed documentary Street Fight (2005). A second bid, in 2006, however, was successful. As mayor, he garnered national attention for initiatives on gun control, a major issue of his (see Mars in the 10th house in Sagittarius). After Frank Lautenberg died in 2013, a special election to fill his U.S. Senate seat was held, and Booker won.

His ascendant is Aquarius ♒ 04, a man dressed up and a deer by his side with his antlers folded. This symbol suggests Booker’s assertive stance on the political scene and how he wants to make an impact of real consequence. Alas, as it is inconjunct his moon, it is suggests that he plays to the gallery and “mug it up.” Here’s a good example of where he dared the Senate to throw him out for breaking senatorial rules. It did not happen and Senator Booker knew that though he was breaking the rules, he would not be thrown out — but it made for good talking points.

Booker: ‘I’m knowingly violating the rules’ and am releasing documents

The Booker Chart

Senator Booker is a see-saw temperament type. His Neptune is right near his Midheaven giving him a good voice and pleasing appearance his North Node is in Pisces in the 2nd house highlighting his need to become more compassionate and less flippant with others. While he is methodical and detail oriented in his work, his emotional distance from those around him, particularly women, as Venus is conjunct, make him seem uncaring and distant.

His Line of Vitality is trine showing how easy things are for him, and that he takes that for granted, and not work as hard as he should. His Line of Efficiency is absent suggesting he procrastinates on daily things.

His Line of Motivation is sesquiquadrate showed in the clip above — he is highly aggressive and bait others. That does not always work out to his advantage as they cover the 3rd and 8th houses , so that he taunts and dares are always ignored and so grandstanding ensues and he finds himself enwrapt in his own snares.

The last line of Social Significance — or how Booker interacts with society is sextile in the 8th to 10th houses shows how relies on human relationships and social constructs for his advantage. Marc Jones wrote that people born from 1962 to 1971 work best with others because they are so receptive to ideas.

The transits of Cory

His current transits are below

His progressed chart to around Election Day 2020

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