Adams was born on May 27, 1835. He was the eldest son of Chas. Francis Adams sr. a lawyer who studied with Daniel Webster, politician, diplomat, and writer who penned the major biography on his great-grandfather President John Adams. Adams, jr. graduated from Harvard University in 1856 and served as a colonel for the Union Army in the American Civil War.

After the war he was president for the Union Pacific Railroad and the Massachusetts Single Tax League, an organisation supporting Henry George’s economic theory that people should own the value they produce themselves (wages), but the economic value derived from land (including natural resources) should belong to all members of society. Under Georgism only a single tax on land would be accrued by the state instead of taxing labor thus encouraging wealth creation as the many who owned no land would not be taxed at all. Obviously, this idea has not caught on.

The chart is from Janus 5.

Charting the General.

We have rectified Brigadier General Adams (the title was bestowed on him by President Andrew Johnson honorarily) to Taurus 03, a “rainbow’s pot of gold.” Lilith is opposite his galactic center showing how much the weight of his ancestral heritage bore on him and made him bolster things he felt would further the manifest destiny of the nation. His galactic center is also partile Ceres, the asteroid of land and nurturing that is encouraged by his Venus in the 1st house exalted in Taurus, his chart’s ruler.

Adams has a massive preponderance in the Gemini and the 2nd house, the house of property, and a Mars in Leo making him champion grand ideas: defending the Union his forefathers created in the civil war, the nation long railroad and finally Georgism. His north node is in Gemini that Dr. Mohan Koparkar writes shows his need for physical freedom and philosophical independence from the tried and true. This is supported by Amor partile his Moon — he was a true patriot.

Asteroid Sappho partile (exact in degree) Mars has the symbol of “an old army captain rocking in his chair” or Adams great love for reliving his military experiences in memory and his gift for achieving mastery from and through them. In the 4th house this suggests also the many friends he made through his Civil War work, for the 4th house is on the mundane level the home of fatherland and on the natal tied to home and progenitors, that helped him throughout his life: in short he was a good networker.

Asteroid Requiem at 18 Cancer on the 4th house cusp tells of his belief that the railroad would be unifying force in the spirit of his Commander-in-chief, Abraham Lincoln, that would benefit all, and turn the rebellious swords into ploughshares. Opposite as it is his Midheaven, this to Adams was his great work and life’s purpose. Asteroid Toro at 19 tells us that General Adams had a great constitution and worked hard, despite being according to his Mental Chemistry, an average student.

True to his varied life, Civil War and thereafter, he is a see-saw temperament type switching gears as he needs to adapt to the changing times.

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