Israel ups the ante in its war on Gaza. Washington, in the meantime, calls for a halt to allow for hostage releases, Hard to blame the Israelis for ignoring US, when we supplied Hamas with the money and supplies to take them out. Frankly, I do not think we were right, but no one is taking my calls.

Our chart was made for eighteen hundred hours on Monday in Gaza City. Our rise is 28 Taurus 08, from my studies its always the ascendant of killing and death. Technically, it gets the keyword of “Karma.” Seems to fit.

The preponderance in Scorpio in the sixth house, foretells a gruesome affair — war with Mars found in its rulership, waging his wares intently. A locomotive pattern is driving this thing; it’s going to be a while. Our header picture is of Gaza City in the background. Not sure what is in the fore.

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