I did a chart for Lee winning New York state gubernatorial race and felt he would win. He did not so I had to review the chart and discover why. Of course the obvious reason is the amount of people leaving New York is at an all time high, and those were lost opportunities, so that would make him out of of touch of what New York is becoming — a chaotic mess instead of a shining beacon of opportunity

Under that scenario I am not sure if anyone but a demagogue like Hochul can win the state, but as that becomes more and more the possibility, New York will also lose more and more people and follow Massachusetts, whose highest population count was in 1900, into becoming a footnote in American history; Scranton born sociologist Jane Jacobs, who watched her native city fall to ruins, explains how this happens in her Death and Life of Great American Cities.

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In the meantime, here’s his chart. Like JFK he has a Neptune at the midheaven, but that was sixty years ago and there are doubts if Jack could win again in the present day America. It’s hard to say, but like the Bay State congressman, Zeldin dreams big: and with a grand trine in water, he’s as they say, all in. He is committed to his vision of unifying America and make it whole again. I don’t know if he’s right, but I’m rooting for him nonetheless.