Having just finished Karen Christino’s biography on “Eva Adams” the controversy on her birthdate is barely settled. She gives that Evangeline, a popular name at the time, was born to the poor side of the Adams family on Pavonia Avenue, right next to Journal Square (where the PATH station is these days) Jersey City, New York on February 8, 1868 at 8:36 am.

Marc Jones has the same but 8:30 am that Astrotheme has as well. Christino mentions a lot of things that are odd for Adams to be the youngest of 3 mainly that she supported her mother and two older brothers and that there was during her life a discrepancy of 1859 or 1869.

Her autobiography “Bowl of Heaven” (p.27, quotes of her dad’s diary that was she born 2–8-1868 and the exact time.) Karen Christino, her biographer quotes that the “A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, MA”‘ has that same date on her death certificate that coincides with the 1900 Boston census. Problem is by 1896 after her mother died, Evangeline was not in Boston but in New York City. We doubt that like Joseph and Mary of Matthew, she had to return home to be counted.

Then there is problem of her marriage to Mr. George E. Jordan, jr.

Keeping the public’s perception in mind, Adams claimed to be 50 and Jordan 42 on their marriage license; in reality, she was 55 and he, 32. They were married on a Thursday afternoon at the Little Church Around the Corner and while Evangeline had not remained observant, church records nevertheless indicate that she still considered herself a Congregationalist. Jordan was Unitarian.  

The New York Herald of April 7, 1923 announced that the marriage would,  …result in a merger of their interests, which will just about give them a monopoly. Their horoscopes have said right along that they should marry late in life. They intend to sail for Europe and after a short trip will go to England to negotiate for the opening of a branch office there. If that scheme is successful they will be the only international firm in the astrology business. 

Karen Christino, Foreseeing the Future, page 248.

The problem there, based on the proprietary pictures in the book, Miss Adams, she always kept her “stage name” looked rather odd even for 55. It is really more likely that there was 30 year difference, and Catherine H. Thompson wrote into

Catherine H. Thompson wrote to Modern Astrology issue July 8 1933*,

“I notice that the Director of the Evangeline Adams Studios states that she was born in 1868. That is officially contradicted by the record in our Public Library which says that Evangeline Smith Adams was born in 1859….. I met Miss Adams in Boston in 1898 and have friends who knew her there and we cannot understand why ten years have been taken off her age. Records in our State House say that her husband, Mr. George Edwin Jordan, Jr., was born June 20, 1890 at Foxboro, MA, and his mother who lives here states that his wife (Evangeline) was 30 years older than himself.”

The Charts

This is the one Evangeline likes. She has a grand trine in Fire making her a locomotive.

This second one is the same day, same time but in 1859 making her 13 when her father died and the eldest child. She gets the same Ascendant but it odd that it is right on degree — that’s something we do when rectifying because anything 1 minute higher is rounded up, so we try to avoid that unless we mention to round down; she gets it naturally.

According to Sepharial, 25 Pisces is a “woman in full Armour, fully equipped and bearing a shield.” He says it is a degree of Security, ” that is the index of a mind set upon high resolves and capable of sustaining the assaults of its enemies in such a degree as to achieve its purposes without loss of fortune, prestige or honor. Such a one may prove to be a great warrior, a woman of the swords like Joan of Arc, and to whom honors will be given without stint. A queen she will sustain her throne by the use of aggressive measures and by victories gained over all her enemies; while she may be of lowly birth she will snatch her crown. Her mind will be upright, astute, aspiring and sustained by an unswerving faith.

For the 1859, Adams is a bucket with a Saturn handle in the 5th house of creativity that would also show no physical children. Mars and the Moon are in the 1st here suggesting that there was some problem with her birth, and perhaps why her brothers were much younger than her than typical of the age. Here she has the modern ruler or Neptune exalted in the 12th house while Jupiter is in 3rd highlighting her writings and voluminous notes she kept on each client.

orginal cover

The Sun of course is in detriment as she was born in winter, and opposite her Sun’s ruler Saturn, showing that her father was absent and not helpful to her advancement, that she was forced to grow up fast to help the family, and that this embittered her a bit. She had to work hard to make her mark, and that Venus conjunct the Midheaven, it would be something of a “first” for females. While biographer Christino does not say so, one does get the feeling that the 1859 chart, Adams was a bit of suffragette and fighter for women in the workplace because there was no man to count on.

For 1868 Adams is locomotive open to the west with leadership thrust upon her unwillingly with just Neptune in the 1st house and Jupiter exalted in the 12th house. Her midheaven is unspectacular except that she was a traveller and her home was her base of operations.

So what do you think?