Katherine Tingley née Katherine Augusta Westcott, was born on July 6 1847 in Newbury, Massachusetts to James & Susan Westcott. She was mainly educated in public schools and then in a convent school in Montreal. She is best known for as Katherine Tingley, after her third husband, Philo Tingley. Little known about her two other spouses or her family life, odd living as she did so totally in the public.

She was interested in charitable activities as well as in spiritualism, and in her mission work on the Lower East Side she often combined the two.  She joined the Theosophical Society on October 13, 1894 & met William Quan Judge, who on November 17, 1875 had helped Helena Blavatsky form the order.

The Map of Tingley

Tingley has a stellium in the 11th house in Aries, with Mars just on the 10th house cusp. She was definitely a strong minded determined woman who would let others dissuade her from her purpose. This stellium shows that she gravitated toward involvements with groups, associations & and organizations that swallow up the individual and
keep her from gaining a perspective as she a person becomes lost in the group cause. in her case, she made the group reflect her personality and values so her control was always firmly in place.

Her North Node is in Libra supports this too, her Libran energy is activated by unifying people, thus she acted like a pivot point in the groups affairs. Notable though are her two yods. The first one is from Jupiter to Mars with the apex at Sagittarius 10 — (HS) Mother of the Goddess. The second one is from Saturn in Pisces to Uranus with the apex at her North Node point 14 Libra that is, also HS, medics splinting a broken leg.

Tingley & the Theosophical Society

In 1881, HPB and Henry Steele Olcott moved the Theosophical Society’s headquarters from New York City to Alydar India. After HPB’s death on May 8 1891 in London, Judge led the American branch of the society out of the international movement creating the Theosophical Society of America. He died a year later from chagres fever and supposedly left a “secret diary” bequeathing the organization to the Tingley. She reshaped it, raised funds to establish the School for the Revival of the Lost Mysteries of Antiquity, commonly called the School of Antiquity and founded the International Brotherhood League to work for the benefit of convicts, “fallen women,” and ordinary working men promoting racial harmony. As can be seen for her chart, she had a powerhouse of planets in the 11th house of hopes & objectives for her place and vision of society.

In 1898 she reformed the organization with the American Theosophical Society merged into the Universal Brotherhood with the former group now the sole entity. More importantly Tingley was now “Leader and Official Head.”

Tingley died July 11, 1929, months before Pluto was discovered, in Sweden while on a speaking tour.