Dune the mystical science fiction story from the pen of Frank Herbert 1 Herbert died in 1986 . His son Brian and co-writer Kevin Anderson have since taken up the banner.

Dune is the magical world of Arrakis,where the Atreides & Harkonnen families battle for supremacy guided by Bene Geserit witches, and the Fremen fight for their freedom is coming to theaters in November. This post was inspired by seeing the Villeneuve movie and reading the prequels; Dune is quite a complex story and hard to capture on film but OTOH its the only way to get the grand overall picture of that world.

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Franklin Patrick Herbert, jr was born on October 8th, 1920 in Tacoma and grew up during the Great Depression. This shows up with BML in the fourth house of lack of nourishment and strong parental figures; he said they were so poor his parents gave him to his grandparents, Saturn in Virgo in the twelfth, to raise. Technically, his Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is right on the edge, but nonetheless shows how Herbert resented restriction, and the powerful hand of his grandparents and with the Moon conjunct Jupiter made him sympathetic to lost causes and a desire to leave his environment behind and create another.

His Uranus on the cusp of the sixth house, opposite that group spanning the eleventh thru twelfth, could be the motto of Dune itself “follow your own path and do not heed advice”, for Herbert plied his wares through many trades: Naval photographer Neptune in Leo in eleventh house of native Aquarius, obviously in detriment and thus no surprise that that career ended abruptly, square his Part of Fortune), journalist, short story writer and adman.

Except for a short bout with the camera, most of his jobs were in the purview of Mercury, his most aspected planet, found at 18 Scorpio 52 in the second house of natural talents.

Frank Herbert was a closed bowl, which makes sense as he was not open to others, North Node square again his Fortune and Venus so again it is no surprise he was divorced often.


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    Herbert died in 1986