This week we get the rise of 28 Scorpio.

This is the degree for the king of the fairies bends affectionately over the sleeping figure of Puck 1 from Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream [/mfn] and sprinkles him with pixie-dust.

The shining sparks form a whirl of images which enter Puck’s dream. Martin Goldsmith 2 in his “Revised Sabian Symbols” second edition, published by Red Wheel division of Weister Press in Maine [/mfn] interprets as meaning a time when one receives teaching from a higher level i.le. dreams and fantasies. A symbolic time of warnings.

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Aspects of note:

  • A T-Square at Uranus opposite the Ascendant squared the Moon, pointing to some division in one’s friends, family or business that was feared is occurring.
  • A Cradle from Neptune to Pluto to the Ascendant to Uranus.
    • There are actually two cradles in the chart but this is the more important as it plays into the T-Square. The cradle here suggests that the rift could be averted if you so wish particularly as it is made of generational planets — the problem occurring is one of generational differences.
    • As Uranus is sextile, helped, by Neptune in Pisces, and in the fourth, a rather harmonious and beneficial spot, it all depends how much you value this association.
    • Neptunes says you do, Pluto a trine away in Capricorn in Taurus suggests you should overcome the tendency to spite yourself for pride’s sake.
  • A Grand Trine in Earth is the strongest aspect.
  • A See-Saw envelopes all of this suggesting your emotions and values shift and sway depending upon your mood. All the Generationals are in northern interior hemisphere while the traditional seven are on the outer.
  • A solution to this problem may lie in a very strong Part of Fortune conjunct the Galactic Center at 25 Sagittarius 53, and a flag bearer leads an attack, this symbol from Goldsmith’s first edition and suggests “cutting the bullshit” and facing the issue head on.

Good luck

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