This week we go to Kiev as the War continues on. Europeans tend to use the Campanus house system so I am using it first. Below it is our standard Morinus.

We have a Grand Trine in Water perhaps highlighting the emotional turmoil going on and creating a locomotive planetary pattern — suggesting the intensity and strong desire to remain independent from the thug in Moscow. The lord of the chart is 07 Capricorn 11, or in the Hyperion Symbols, “a glass of fine red wine”

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This symbol is about the true vintage of anything relates not to just its age but also to its antecedents and how that distillation brings about its ultimate maturity. It suggests an adherence to both personal and ancestral values of place. It gets the keyword of “Tastefulness.”

Mars is in the eighth house of regeneration but its in its accidental detriment. It would seem the populace is tired and weary of another winter onslaught. The Moon is in its rulership in Cancer and trine Neptune in its own as well, Pisces, but these aspect suggest a desire for emotional succor {prayer} which makes sense as yesterday in the Orthodox Church was the nativity of the Holy Theotokos, the divine mother, for it seems even the G20 is broken on helping the Ukraine as Germany, no surprise, suggests abandoning the noble human cause and bickering over climate change. Pathetic isn’t it?

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