Here are some key facts:

  • Anthony Michael Bourdain was born in 1956 in New York. His father was a classical music executive with Columbia Records and of French descent.
    • His mother was a New York Times copy editor and Jewish descent.
    • He raised as an agnostic.
  • He married his high-school sweetheart, Nancy Putkoski, from 1985 to 2005. In 2007 he married Italian born Ottavia Busia, a former MMA fighter; his daughter Ariane, was born later that year. They were still married at the time of his demise but he was dating another Italian, Asia Argento.


                                        Cooking the Chart

The popular birth time is 8:35 am but we have slightly rectified it to 8:10 am to work better with his biography.  There is no hospital in Manhattan specified so we picked Midtown.
This gives him an Ascendant of 06.37 Leo showing he has many talents that will propel him to the top of his profession, and is outspoken about his viewpoints taking as his guide the prevailing winds.
He has a water grand trine, from Mars in Pisces in the eighth house to Saturn in the fourth in Scorpio to Leo 01 so this is out of quadrature, but so close to Cancer we are allowing it.  This is a rather unfortunate trine and shows Bourdain’s abrupt tendency to jump from one bad habit to another, historically all three planets are malefics.  He was always influenced by his peers (he got into drugs in the 1980s because everyone around him was doing it, went to cooking school when it was the rage and hung himself when a friend Kate Spade did it).

Tony in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Mars in the eighth suggests he would die by violent means.  The Saturn in the fourth highlights the influence of his father and paternal grandparent, who were natives of France:  he specialized in their cuisin and “returned” to his patristic homeland to die.  Uranus in the twelfth highlights his inability to deal with changes in his public life (his company was bankrupt) and personal stress — he was not divorced from his second wife,  and his girlfriend had broken up with him unable to handle his moods.

Bourdain was a smart fellow shown by his Mercury and Sun in different houses and signs, so his ego and logic were not  always in tandem:  but that is not a bad thing, as it makes him independent allowing his logic to lead the way and force him from to break with his too publicity driven ego.

bourdain dies.jpg
Bourdain natal is inner blue and transiting demise is outer grey.

Bourdain died in Kaysersberg, France on June 8th.  The time of death is unknown as he found only after he missed breakfast.  It’s possible it is far earlier than our 5:32 am, so the angles and chart are approximate.  Notice that the radix Saturn is square his transiting Part of Fortune ( symbol the Insignia of an esoteric brotherhood) and Mars (an integrated circuit) on the seventh house cusp.   The latter aspect is thought by French astrologer Choisnard to be important at deaths.


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