When Astrotheme has questions about a person’s birthtime  they give everyone the standard 12 o’clock high. For Kubrick that works out well, as he was born at 11:55 according to our rectification.

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Like Errol Flynn,  it was a movie that prompted this —   this time Room 237 the movie about a movie. It is one of those cerebral talkies that are a akin to a literary discussion. For those who are not aficiandoes of the Shining, , Room 237 is the mysterious room in the movie that the child of the protagnist Jack, Danny is told to avoid — at all costs.  For movie addicts, Room 237 is almost the Holy Grail — lots of inside baseball discussions about scenes, props etc.

Sand painting

I read the book last year and was amazed at how much was not there. I then checked some old book reviews and they panned it too — the book is just awful. What Kubrick does in that movie was what the book should have been.

Nevertheless, Room 237 does give some good hidden meanings to the film like equating the American Indian slaughter to the Holocaust by pointing out all the Holocaust and Native American motifs throughout the film. It’s definitely a film goers film. 

(Here’s one hint — all the luggage piled up helter skelter in the lobby is supposed to represent the Jewish baggage that was thrown off the trains by the Nazis when the Jews arrived at the death camps — no need for them now for this is the last call. Another hint is the Navajo sand paintings that decorate the lobby. Sand paintings are a sacred entity evoking the transformation of the sick and wounded back to health.)

Other popular movies by Kubrick are Spartacus with Kirk Douglas,  Dr. Strangelove,  2001 with Peter Sellars, :  A Space Odyssey with Keir Dullea, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacket with Matthew Modine, Clockwork Orange with Malcolm MacDowell and Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise.

                                                        The Kubrick Chart

As for Kubrick’s chart, Uranus in the Sixth is rather apropos as he was unique and idiosyncratic.  Saturn in the second house makes sense as he was the scion of a wealthy family in the Bronx – unlike Ralph Lauren’s family also in the borough, but  who had less money.

His Venus is the Tenth House is Venu but so is his Sun which is propitious aspect for a director; actors and actresses tend to have just Venus there. Having the Sun there gives Kubrick a stronger  willful attitude towards the industry — sort of like Orson Welles — the enfant terrible of the 1940’s.

Jupiter in the Seventh House shows a lot of marriages — he had four. Though Mars is far away, and not in aspect, it is in detriment as it opposite the first that it rules. Mars is also not the best candidate to be in Taurus for it is ruled by Venus and so we see he was a bear to get along with. His last wife, a German, was the winner and was married to Kubrick for 41 years before he died. They had one daughter, Vivian.

As for his temperament type, Kubrick yearns to be a Splash but he is not in enough of houses to make the grade. He does have the requisite oppositions and few conjunctions. Most importantly he has a Grand Trine in Fire, still he yet misses being a Splash and has to settle for a Locomotive Planetary Pattern — because his intensity cannot be denied.

Neptune conjunct Regulus in the eleventh house of publicity made him a fan favorite. It is hard to believe that Dr. Strangelove is in the public domain and over at A mystery to be sure.

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