We have information on Jacqueline Nourritt #727 in the Jones 1000, but it cannot corroborate it. We will probably add her into our database nevertheless but we would appreciate it if someone can confirm her existence.    July 1, 2017

Well that ended happily thanks to E.C. Chambers in his magnificent book Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed published originally 1923, reprinted in 1949 states that Miss Nourritt has Three degrees of Pisces for her moon.  That was rectified to a 7:07 PM birth time for her birth place, Asineres-sur-Seine, France getting the ascendant of 12 Sagittarius or “a flag becomes an eagle and the eagle a chanticleer triumphant.”

Chanticleer is a French Rooster which maybe inappropriate for her sex, but definitely works for her music as she was quite the sensation. Chantecler chickens were named similarly by Brother Wilfred Chatelaine, a Trappist monk and Doctor of Agronomy, at his monastery in Canada.  They are particularly cold hardy and I used to raise and exhibit the partridge variety.  The American Club, for those interested, was formed by the versatile poultryman, Michael Gilbert, who created the blue egg laying Ameraucana too.

The Chanticleer’s Chart

Here is her chart for those interested.

French Musical prodigy J. Nourritt

She does not have a grand trine as defind by Marc Jones.  He requires the composition to be three places, and no points.  If the ascendant was allowed, then she would have a grand trine in fire, so instead she is a Fanhandle with the Moon and Uranus in Pisces — a musical sign being her lead planet — somewhat like a multi-planetted bucket.  Thus her Moon gives her the ability to express herself deeply, important for an artist, while Uranus the desire to be highly individualistic, somewhat reminiscent of Franz Liszt though without the frenzy,

The Uranus in the third house would encourage her versatility:  for Mademoiselle Jacqueline  she started playing the piano as a young child, by her adolescence had mastered the organ,  all the while transcribing harpsichord pieces.  This was unusual as the piano and harpsichord though seemingly similar are truly of different instrumental family:  the piano is a percussion instrument and the harpsichord a string instrument but the Uranus placement gives her an uncommon ability to bridge the two.

In the book, Maurice Duruflé, 1902-1986: The Last Impressionist by Ronald Ebrecht, he notes that her mother would not let her go the Conservatory in Avignon feeling that the expense outrageous, so  young Jacqueline practiced & studied her music voraciously so as to get a perfect 10 in all her pieces and thus win a scholarship for further study.

The following year in the class of Edouard Charles, who hailed from the Niedermeyer School in Paris, and was considered an accomplished master in harmony, the Mademoiselle won another perfect score in a class of ten harnessing her North Node in Libra at the top of chart giving her an innate ability to understand harmony,   She was undoubtedly a tour de-force and hailed as a true prodigy; her preponderance in Cancer spanning the sixth through seventh houses, shows her tenacity and desire to impress others with her talent.

Our featured image is the notice for her recital  on the SS France of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique French Line on 22 January 1931; she would be nine and half years old.  it was probably on a Steinway L, the premier choice in the 1930s.  This documentary is about the dedication and hard work required to make this American classic; quite similar to the musicians who play on it.

Alas nothing more is known of Mademoiselle.  Pity.


  1. Ebrecht, Ronald. Maurice Duruflé, 1902-1986: the Last Impressionist. Scarecrow Press, 2002. pp. 185-186.  You can hear one of his compositions here.
  2.  Hedge Fund Manager John A. Paulson is not related to President George W. Bush’s  Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson.
  3. You can download the chart for Jacqueline Nourritt here.
  4. This essay was originally published on June 29 2017 and was revised on May 23, 2021.
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