The Washington News August 1919

Her grandfather was US Senator of Alabama, John Hollis Bankhead, and her father, William Brockman Bankhead, served as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Her uncle was US Senator John Hollis Bankhead II and her aunt Marie Bankhead Owen became Director of the Alabama State Achieves, the first women to head a department of Alabama state government.  Her mother died when she was young.

                             Astrological Notes

  1. Her Ascendant is 21 Virgo,  healing messages left for the future.
    1. It is opposite Pallas in Pisces, siren singers distract from one’s concentration.
    2. It is square, almost exactly, to her midheaven that in turn is opposite her Uranus in Sagittarius 20,  the ingenuity of faking it.
    3. Her Ascendant’s ruler, Mercury, is inconjunct it and in the midst of fiery Mars and sugary Venus:  she was a good businesswoman, and indeed left 2 million to charity after crying poverty for most of her life.
The Neon Tetra Fish
  1. Her midheaven is 20 Gemini,  A fishbown with many neon tetra fish.
    1. It’s ruler is also Mercury and trine it in the sixth house.  She knew where the money was and followed it.
    2. Pluto is conjunct her Midheaven.
    3. Her Part of Fortune is also conjunct her Midheaven at 27 Gemini, Sven blue birds changing their home to another tree, highlighting her ability to leave her beloved Broadway and go work for Hitchcock in Hollywood during WWII.
  1. Her Moon in Scorpio is a tad wide to be trine her Venus in Pisces but the translation of light from Mars, Scorpio’s ruler to Venus, makes it work.  This aspect shows her drug debauchery and that her nasally voice was probably like fellow addict, Peter Lorre, a result.
    1. Square Mars-Mercury-Venus also highlights her lifelong sibling rivalry with her sister, Evelyn Eugenia, whom she disinherited.
  2. Ceres in Libra in the first shows she could work both sides of the fence if needed, but she had her preferences.  She married fellow actor John Emery in 1937; they were divorced in 1941.  Neither remarried.
  3. She has a “gestalt” mental chemistry.
  4. Her Line of Vitality is sextile.
  5. Her Line of Culture is in opposition.
  6. Her line of efficiency is absent.
  7. She has a Grand Trine in Earth.
  8. Tallulah is a See-Saw Temperament type.
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