On Tuesday, Aug. 8, the Maui, Hawaii the fires begin around Lahaina. It started with a brush fire of about three acres in and around Lahainaluna Road, which passes through this historic town of Lahaina in West Maui.  Nowhere has it been reported if the start was arson, though that seems a likely cause not only because of Mercury and Mars in Virgo in the second house but because this summer blazes around the world have been started by fire terrorists.

The  massive blaze, gained traction from Hurricane Dora, that was moving across the Pacific at that time.   Her 60 mph winds were fanning the flames as she knocked out power lines and damaged many homes.  Residents reported that the hydrants ran out of water to help combat the flames, and power outages stopped mobile alerts. In the end, the blaze destroyed much of the historic town of Lahaina.  While authorities say the death toll is near 100.  Our header photos are from the WSJ Friday, August 11th edition.

The Lahaina chart has a grand trine in earth, representing the rocky terrain of Maui and that the fire will be sweeping the land. The chart is a Locomotive planetary pattern that spans almost the whole circle, thus showing graphically its expanse. What is rather interesting is it begins in the tenth house, ignoring Lilith in the twelfth, and ends with a preponderance in Leo, a fire sign, in the first.

The fire’s start has one opposition in the seventh house of opportunities with Saturn, which I believe represents the arsonists opposite Mars, the torch conjunct Mercury, their reason or endeavour. It creates no T-Square as this no “solution” to the opposing planets.

Noticeable is the lack of air. Marc Jones often stated that the “void” must be supplied, and in this case that was true with the Hurricane and her sixty miles per hour gusts.

Another point is Mars has little to stop it, and those are two squares. The first square is to Sun or someone willing to be the original arsonist and the second square Venus, or someone who is not afraid of fire because if it really does catch, they may not get out alive themselves.

Our condolences to all affected.

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